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Alcoholism Rehab

Many people do not understand how popular addiction is in America. Some studies even estimate that over 60 million Americans are addicted to caffeine in one way or another. A more serious problem, though, is alcohol addiction.

Here are the facts: right now there are around 17 million Americans who can be classified as alcoholics. Among that group less than 8% actually get the help they need. That means there is the potential for a lot of ruined lives out there. Here's the good news: it doesn't have to be that way.

Since the inception of the 12 step recovery program, people suffering with alcohol abuse have been reclaiming their lives. Is it a constant struggle? Absolutely, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting back to their families and careers without being plagued by drinking. Alcoholism rehab is a positive and life affirming form of therapy with a proven track record of success. It all begins with the desire to get better.

Help a Loved One Through Intervention
Thanks to the cable reality show "Intervention" we are getting an insider look at the heart wrenching lives of addicts and the pain inflicted on their loved ones. Interventions are an effective tool to help the person suffering with drinking problems to get the help they need. It's a very intense meeting and needs to be well thought out.

A serious addict may need to go through alcohol detox prior to entering rehab. When somebody's body is accustomed to receiving large amounts of alcohol over a long period of time the process of detoxification can be painful and even dangerous. It is advised that detoxification is done in the presence of a physician.

There are many intervention specialists who are trained to handle these specific situations. The primary goal is finding help for your loved one. This isn't about blame or guilt, but expressing how much you care about someone and want them to be strong. It will also help if there is a specific plan attached to an intervention meeting such as a stay at an alcoholism rehab facility.

There is nothing wrong with going directly from the intervention to rehab. In fact, that's probably the best course of action. Again, that means being prepared. Lead with your feelings of love and the rest will follow.

What to Expect In Rehab
Any person who is entering into alcoholism rehab is doing so because they are choosing to heal. Will their recover happen over night? No; recovery is a lifelong journey. There is also the chance of relapse, but when the therapy and support is embraced those dark moments can become diminished.

The first phase of rehab will be a physical assessment of the patient. This leads to the important detoxification process. Here the body is cleansed of harmful toxins. Depending on the condition of the person, this process can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. It is physically and emotionally draining. It is also the only way to proceed with the help by getting clean and sober. When detox happens at a rehab facility, the patient will be constantly monitored and treated accordingly. Once the detox is complete, the real work of recovery can begin.

One Day At a Time
Recovering alcoholics embrace the philosophy of living one day at a time. That is smart advice we should all be following. At an alcoholism rehab center, the complete focus is on getting better. This is accomplished through ongoing, intense therapy. These will be a combination of one on one and group therapy sessions. The person suffering from alcoholism needs to dig deep and dredge up some painful issues before that can be dealt with and put aside.

Once the initial therapy sessions have been explored, the patient is then prepared to be reunited with their friends and family. This is where the hard work really kicks into gear. A successful stay in rehab will prepare the patient to get back to their lives. Making this transition can be very challenging especially when old habits need to be changed.

Thanks to rehab, the patient will be given the necessary tools and support system to work through their recovery one step at a time, one day at a time.