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River Edge Recovery Center

Macon, Georgia | See other Georgia rehab reviews

3575 Fulton Mill Road
Macon, Georgia 31206

Interview from Sandra
Are you male or female?
Sandra: Female

How old were you when you attended this facility?
Sandra: 36

Describe your addiction:
Sandra: Meth, loratab pain pills

Why did you choose to go to rehab?
Sandra: Because I was on Meth so bad that I was homeless and couldn't stop. Even after 3 attempts to kill myself.

Why did you choose this facility?
Sandra: It was choosen for me by my local mental health. I went to them for help

How long were you in this rehab facility? Inpatient or outpatient?
Sandra: I was inpatient for about a month and a week

What is this facility's approach to the treatment process?
Sandra: When you first arrive they will take everything away from you. Then once your processed in you are placed in a secured wing while you detox. During detox they place a nurse to sit at your door 24/7 and monitor your detox. Once you have detoxed then your free to roam that wing and you are required to go to group meetings. There were no one on one meetings. All meetings are in a group, plus you have na or aa meetings weekly. Then after about two weks your moved into another wing where your not supervised as closely as when you first arrived.

What do you think this rehab facility does well?
Sandra: The group meetings are good.

What could this facility do better?
Sandra: Have some one on one meetings

Overall do you feel your treatment here was successful or not?
Sandra: It wasn't because when I got out, I went right back to using meth. I've been clean for a year and a half now, but think had they made me stay longer with more counceling and private counseling I wouldn't have went right back.

Did you relapse after treatment?
Sandra: Yes, I relapsed right after I got out. My advice, don't rush to get out of rehab. Also, relapse is part of recovery. Just because you relapsed doesn't mean that you can't get sober and stay sober. Yes I am a year and half sober

Would you recommend this facility to a friend or a family member?
Sandra: Yes I would. Just because my complete recovery wasn't final with this facility, I did see success with other residents that atended here.

What general advice would you give to somebody dealing with addiction?
Sandra: I don't believe there is general advice as every addict is different but would tell an addict that your not a bad person, and life is so different looking at it through sober eyes

Have you been to any other rehab facilities?
Sandra: None