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Narconon South Texas

Harlingen, Texas | See other Texas rehab reviews

17697 ABD Road
Harlingen, Texas 78552

Interview from Teresa
Are you male or female?
Teresa: Female

How old were you when you attended this facility?
Teresa: 45

Describe your addiction:
Teresa: I was smoking meth

Why did you choose to go to rehab?
Teresa: I was in an abusive relationship

Why did you choose this facility?
Teresa: I didn't. My brother sent me there

How long were you in this rehab facility? Inpatient or outpatient?
Teresa: 4 months inpatient

What is this facility's approach to the treatment process?
Teresa: It was a scientology based rehab

What do you think this rehab facility does well?
Teresa: Puts you in a sauna to sweat out your drugs

What could this facility do better?
Teresa: Offer counselling

Overall do you feel your treatment here was successful or not?
Teresa: Yes it really taught me how to confront my problems and be in present time

Did you relapse after treatment?
Teresa: Yes I relapsed 6 months after but I am clean now and loving it

Would you recommend this facility to a friend or a family member?
Teresa: Yes if you want to have good length clean time

What general advice would you give to somebody dealing with addiction?
Teresa: There is help out there and people who understand

Have you been to any other rehab facilities?
Teresa: This is my only rehab