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Heroin Rehab Centers

Of all the illegal controlled substances, heroin is top of the list for causing the most devastating effects on users. As a drug, heroin is a classified as an opiate and is extremely addictive. Most addicts will admit it only took one "trip" to get hooked. A user caught in the throes of the heroin addiction will find the need to inject themselves up to four times a day. Essentially, this means they have surrendered most of their lives to chasing that high.

When someone has become addicted to heroin, they often end up causing great destruction to anyone close to them. Fortunately, for addicts and their families there are experienced rehab facilities staffed with qualified therapists, medical person and support staff located all across the country. The recovery process will be long and difficult, but it begins with one simple step: asking for help.

What to Expect In Rehab
Because of the nature of this particular drug, it is extremely difficult to kick the heroin habit. Most addicts are prescribed methadone as a form of treatment to help wean them off the addiction. This is a drug that blocks the cravings for heroin without any debilitating side effects. The goal in this type of recovery program is to use methadone or other inhibitors to break the strangle hold of cravings while working on the behavioral adjustments needed as coping mechanisms.

A residential rehab facility provides around the clock medical supervision for the addict while as they go through the initial phase of detox. This is important part of the process is required before any real therapy work can begin. It's also the most physically demanding and the number one reason why addicts keep using: to avoid the withdraw.

By staying at rehab, a person suffering from heroin addiction is provided a safe place to heal. There will be no chance for them to "hit the streets" in search of a fix. Their treatment is a 24/7 process with the ultimate goal of allowing them to take back their lives. For heroin addiction, the inpatient recovery times vary. Typical programs are either 30, 60 or 90 days.

After a rehab stay, the recovery process continues with ongoing therapy meetings and support group interaction. As anyone involved in the recovery process will tell you, they remain an addict for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, they will be a clean and sober addict.

California Heroin Rehab Centers
Michael's House: Located in the balmy Palm Springs area, Michael's House has been providing residential inpatient treatment for addicts since 1994. The facility provides a complete medically supervised detoxification process followed by intensive therapy using the 12 step recovery program as a foundation. They pride themselves on offering respect and dignity to all the patients and their families.

Cliffside Malibu Drug Addiction Treatment Center: Using the tranquility of the pristine California coastline, the Cliffside Malibu Treatment Center is a comfortable and private facility where patients can get the help they need. The luxurious amenities allow for a patient to heal in comfort, but it is the one on one therapy work that is the true key to success. The treatment also provides for comprehensive aftercare support and integration of the family in the patient's recovery.

Texas Heroin Rehab Centers
Starlite Recovery Center: Located on 54 sprawling acres of Texas countryside, the Starlite Recovery Center has designed their programs around the philosophy that heroin addiction impacts a person's mind, body and spirit. Each of those elements needs to be addressed in order for the healing process to be considered a success.

Mark Houston Recovery Center: An addict might be able to physically detox over a long weekend, but their total recovery is going to take a lot longer. The Mark Houston Recover Center has been providing support for patients and their families for close to 20 years. Their recovery process is grounded in a strong spiritual foundation that supports the efforts to rebuild a person's life. There is also a positive physical activity component as well as guidance towards improving a patient's financial independence.

Florida Heroin Rehab Centers
Watershed: The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs is a leading rehab facility in Florida. Not only do they provide complete inpatient and outpatient care, but they also have sober living halfway houses on the campus. By placing patients in these environments, they are able to facilitate a total recovery program from detox to the return to a normal life.

A New Day: Located along the idyllic Palm Beach community, A New Day rehab embraces the holistic approach to recovery that encompasses the mind, body and spirit in the journey. Their setting is ideal for small groups with a limit of only 25 patients at any time. Their licensed staff prides themselves on their success rate and aftercare programs.

Additional National Heroin Rehab Centers
New Hope Recovery Center: For Chicago area residents, the New Hope Recovery Center offers a complete inpatient recovery program. They also have an extensive outpatient sober living program which helps addicts make the transition back to their daily routines. They know the road to recovery goes on long after the first 30 days.

Sierra Tucson: Located in the shadow of the Santa Catalina Mountains, the Sierra Tucson rehab facility has garnered a worldwide reputation for its recover programs. Their individualized treatment helps a patient get to the root causes of their addictions and helps them find a way to break the destructive patterns in their lives.

Seabrook House: This facility is situated in New Jersey, but is just a 90 minute ride from New York City. The comforting surroundings and dedicated staff have been helping patients from as far away as South America. The strongest program they offer is a 90 day rehab which provides around the clock medical support and therapy.

White Deer Run: All across Pennsylvania there are various White Deer Run Recover centers. The experience staff members understand the need for behavior changes. They also have programs geared for the transition from methadone to complete abstinence. Each patient is treated as an individual.

Pathways Alcoholic and Drug Treatment Center: In Annapolis, Maryland the Pathways rehab center welcomes patients from all around the region. They offer compassionate care in a structured environment that incorporates friends and family in the patient's healing process.