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Twin Oaks Transitional Home for Women and Children

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Tallahassee, Florida

Interview from Jenna
Are you male or female?
Jenna: Female

How old were you when you attended this facility?
Jenna: 22

Describe your addiction:
Jenna: I was addicted to drugs,alcohol and promiscuous activities. I got to a point where I was willing to do anything to support my habits. I stole from family members and lied to co workers.

Why did you choose to go to rehab?
Jenna: I was destroying my relationships and hurting those that really love me. My grades were failing.

Why did you choose this facility?
Jenna: I knew someone who was already there

How long were you in this rehab facility? Inpatient or outpatient?
Jenna: 9 months I was an inpatient

What is this facility's approach to the treatment process?
Jenna: The facility is faith based. And operates in phases depending on your improvement. Spiritual counseling is offered 3 times per week including church services and psychological counseling was daily. Individual counseling was twice a week.

What do you think this rehab facility does well?
Jenna: Supporting in Religion and academic endeavors. This facility is good at helping you find your niche and preparing you for independence.

What could this facility do better?
Jenna: Relocate and expand to serve more women and children who have been effected by addictions.

Overall do you feel your treatment here was successful or not?
Jenna: Yes. Everything that I learned at the facility I'm able to apply to my life today.

Did you relapse after treatment?
Jenna: I did relapse. I returned back to everything I had left and even more. To anyone who suffers relapse please know that no one is perfect. And it's important to know and acknowledge all signs of possible relapse before it actually occurs.

Would you recommend this facility to a friend or a family member?
Jenna: Yes. Most of my family is spiritual and religious and this facility is faith-based.

What general advice would you give to somebody dealing with addiction?
Jenna: Addiction is an invitation... Which you don't have to accept.

Have you been to any other rehab facilities?
Jenna: Apalachee Center Inc.