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Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Interview from Queen
Are you male or female?
Queen: female

How old were you when you attended this facility?
Queen: 19

Describe your addiction:
Queen: cocaine,pot,alcohol,acid

Why did you choose to go to rehab?
Queen: my brother coerced me into going.

Why did you choose this facility?
Queen: As I mentioned previously my brother talked me into going . It was in sunny Ft. lauderdale Florida!

How long were you in this rehab facility? Inpatient or outpatient?
Queen: Neither...I was there willingly for 1.5 years.

What is this facility's approach to the treatment process?
Queen: group setting. two for boys and one for girls. Staff walked up and down the isles to make sure no one left. we ate nothing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. the facilities approach was to brain wash and leave our families behind to stay there and live there even after graduation.

What do you think this rehab facility does well?
Queen: Nothing. Those of us who went where never wanted to back again once we got away!

What could this facility do better?
Queen: The facility's staff called it tough love when they yelled at us in front of our peers. They made us look stupid, mindless, and like robotic idiots. Eventually the doors shut for good!!

Overall do you feel your treatment here was successful or not?
Queen: No it wasn't within one week home I was already smoking pot once again( which I do not consider a drug today).

Did you relapse after treatment?
Queen: I had a hundred relapses since then. I no longer do drugs...just pot and limited beer here and there.

Would you recommend this facility to a friend or a family member?
Queen: Never...I still have nightmares from being there.

What general advice would you give to somebody dealing with addiction?
Queen: seek help immediately and do your research. be careful where you go for help might end up leaving in worse shape.

Have you been to any other rehab facilities?
Queen: year after I came home for this one I worked in a Psyche ward in the occupational therapy department. 12 years later I would end up in the same place as a patient in the psyche ward for depression.