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Hyland Center

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10018 Kennerly Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128
St. Louis, Missouri 63128

Interview from Lola
Are you male or female?
Lola: Female

How old were you when you attended this facility?
Lola: 29

Describe your addiction:
Lola: Cocaine and food ...went in for substance abuse.. But after a week they transferred me to eating disorder floor. I lost 30 pounds in one month doing drugs. So dual addiction

Why did you choose to go to rehab?
Lola: Life was focused on the drug use and lifestyle and I was breaking down

Why did you choose this facility?
Lola: I had insurance at the time and I had heard an advertisement or commercial. Back in the day they still had a lot more in patient coverage for 30 days plus..

How long were you in this rehab facility? Inpatient or outpatient?
Lola: 30 days

What is this facility's approach to the treatment process?
Lola: Group setting daily one on one once weekly with pyshictriat and one on one couple times a week with counselor on staff and floor.

What do you think this rehab facility does well?
Lola: Detox and emotional support and feeds you and good structure,

What could this facility do better?
Lola: More empathy and more one on one attention. Now insurance doesn't cover most inpatient for the whole 30 days. Plus no fincial aid

Overall do you feel your treatment here was successful or not?
Lola: It was to a point. You have to be ready to embrace it. I was a lot younger and I didn't take it as serious as I do now. I think more personalized attention especially to people's mental and emotional issues not just addiction.m

Did you relapse after treatment?
Lola: Yes I am clean now from drugs I used for along time but with time paranoia and getting older it was not an option for me. I still struggle with my weight. I tend to rebel against the cookie cutter answer .. I go in and out of the AA meetings etc.

Would you recommend this facility to a friend or a family member?
Lola: Sure if there still open. I'm sure it has improved since I went. Anyone who has the funds are insurance are so blessed from what I have heard there is not many programs that go to the full 30 days and the wait lists for state run are months and months.. I had a friend go through 2 times the Salvation Army program its "ARC" re had adult.. But there was no meetings for AA and mostly religious based and no after care. So basically homeless shelter

What general advice would you give to somebody dealing with addiction?
Lola: Ask for help if you need it.. Talk to someone any,one.. You have to be ready and know that you and only you can get inside yourself and want to do this and live your life. Do not shame someone and its a fine line with tough love. Always remind someone it's not to late as long as they are breathing.

Have you been to any other rehab facilities?
Lola: Farmington. State run ..Harris house