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Connor Ranch Treatment Center

Huntington Beach, California | See other California rehab reviews

18021 Newland St
Huntington Beach, California 92646

Connor Ranch is a drug rehab facility based in Huntington Beach. During treatment you have the opportunity to frequently visit the beach and spend time in the sun.

The location is comfortable, but the price is reported to be high.

Interviews from Hannah, Kimberly, SoberGuy, Past Client, Laeticia, HBRecoveryGirl, Chastity, Alive, Jeri, Tas
Why did you choose this facility?
Hannah: price..and claims that it was California Certified..and executive
Kimberly: I chose this facility because I had to pay out of pocket. I didn't know a thing about there reputation or else I would of gone somewhere else. I wasn't on any type of probation my family really didn't care if I went to a rehab I jut wanted to better my life.
SoberGuy: I stayed at this facillity beacase it was affordable & I thought Mike was my friend.
Past Client: In a desperate situation and they had immediate openings.We got fished in with the flashy website and description of the programs.
Laeticia: the website makes it look great....
HBRecoveryGirl: After several years of active addiction, my family did an intervention for me. While I did not enjoy that process at first it was the start of a new life for me. My parents did extensive research of several Southern California Rehabs and found Connor Ranch to be the best fit for me based on the quality of care and the affordableness of thew program.
Chastity: The price and it was reccomended by a friend
Alive: Cost,it was listed as Affordable
Tasha: Honoestly, I don't know...

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
Hannah: negative. the guy mike nielsen who runs it is a total scammer...he tried to sleep with me..and constantly hit on me. he is also a total cheapskate and will use your money to fulfill his owndrugaddictions.
Kimberly: My experience was mostly negative. The second day I was there I was sitting by Mike in an AA meeting and he said to me "Thanks for the new boat" I had no problem handing over a cashiers check check over to Mitch because I didn't know what a dirt bag he was yet I was still high, and I only had met Cooper, which I still have nothing negative to say about this staff worker to this day. I later found out through a doctor that my prescription of suboxone ws trying to be handed out to other clients. Mike actually gave one of the other girls that had been giving me a hard time one of my pills. He also made references to his staff members having anal sex to one of my sober living house managers which I found extremely inappropriate. I still have respect for this staff member for all he puts up with dealing with Mike on a daily basis.
SoberGuy: My experience was demoralizing, deplorable, discusting and horrifying. Worst experience of my life.
Past Client: The experience was actually worse than my addiction itself. Signed up and my parents paid for a 90 day program. After 2 days at the so called detox house I was moved to another location and slept on a cot in the garage.It was so bad my parents agreed to let me leave after about 30 days for another "real program". Along with many others we have charges filed with the state. This FRAUD has to be shut down.
Laeticia: This place just sets you up to fail....All they are out there for is your money, the don't care about you as a person at all. Most people in the place currently are still abusing some substance....It was the worst experience in my life. I won't recommend my worst enemy to go here....
HBRecoveryGirl: The experience was both a challenge for me due to the structure of the program as I was not used to recovery at all and what it entailed however, I am still sober today due to their care and attention. Thanks to Mike & the Counselors there at Connor Ranch. The Huntington Beach location didn't hurt either!!! :)
Chastity: It was the beginning of a journey I have put off for years, The counselors are wonderful and care so much about the clients, The only negative component was one person. I learned coping skills and the counselor had a thing about personal empowerment---which is making recovery awesome
Alive: Negative, the program director is awful!!! He is destructive,rude,mean,and sets people up. All he cares about is your money. All the counsolors but one suck. He treats his staff like slaves, talks about them and does not pay
Tasha: that waste of skin called 'dr. mike' offered me alcohol at one of his "sober BBQ's'

Do you feel the program was successful?
Hannah: absolutely not
Kimberly: No, I feel the program was not successfull at all. I had to put up with a lot mental and physical abuse from Mike himself. Comments like " Kim your fuckin mental." One day at the west house he actually jerked my pants up my butt, like if were in grade school. When I called Sam to try to get an apology Mike just called me laughing which made things ten times worst. I am still dealing with the issues connor ranch has left me in more of a legal way and have had to contact my attorneys back home. Mike has to be stopped. I have this doctor willing to back me up on everything He also was asking this doctor to call in suboxone under my name and give them out to other patients so my insurance would cover it. He also promised everyone a trip at the end of the program who finishes, I never went anywhere but into a sober living home and I was practically shoved out the door. At the end of the program everyone gets a rock ceremony where you go around the room and people give you advice as you pass your rock around I was never given that chance either. I ws never even given a goodbye from any of my peers or the staff. Most of the staff couldn't call me enough on the phone before I arrived there with that cahiers check in my hand but once they got it nobody even said a whole sentence to me unless it was a negative one. Please look elsewhere before entering Connor Ranch it is a cheap program and that's exactly what you get a cheap program. I wish you all luck and may god bless you in your recovery.
SoberGuy: The only thing sucsessful about this progam is Mike Nielsen's abillity to fleece addicts from thier money. THIS IS STRICTLY A MEANS OF CASH FLOW FOR MIKE NIELSEN & LILLIAN CONNOR. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM!!
Past Client: 100% NO!!!!!!! I left for another legitimate program and can proudly say that I now have just over 20 months of sobriety.In spite of the experience at Connor Ranch with the help of another client I started my journey to sobriety during the 30 days I was there.
Laeticia: NOT AT ALL
HBRecoveryGirl: Absolutely!
Chastity: Absolutely. I learned not only how to identify cravings and triggers but feelings as well. I now have healthy relationships with my entire family because I can tell them how I feel today.
Alive: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away
Jeri: NO
Tasha: How could it be successful when the owner is offering you alcohol!?

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
Hannah: i wouldn't even call this a rehab facility
Kimberly: Do not. Do your homework. This is the rest of your life.
SoberGuy: DONT GO HERE. Unless your want to be a pawn in his crimminal activity. Do your homework and choose a reputable rehab program. This place is only a scam.
Past Client: Do not under any circumstances go anywhere near this biggest joke in the rehab community. I promise you that not one single item promised on the website is true. Please stay away and check out any of the legitimate programs in the area.
Laeticia: dont even bother, there is way better places out there and people who care and want to help you. Where it's just not about the money.
HBRecoveryGirl: Stop considering it and just do it! It will change your life for the better. It works if you work it!
Chastity: I would say eat the meat throw away the bone. You can throw the bone to Mike, he is kind of a dog, but his heart is in the right place--just say "OK or yeah sure" and move on. Take part in the groups and learn to trust the counselors make it easier. They truly care or they would not be there.
Alive: DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Go somewhere that is a REAL treatment center.
Tasha: Mikes place has been shut down.