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Cove Forge Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | See other Pennsylvania rehab reviews

2100 Wharton Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

Interviews from Sarah, Fr
Why did you choose this facility?
Sarah: that is just where put me due to availability and urgency
Fred: Probation/court order

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
Sarah: i really enjoyed it there because it was all outdoorsy in the mountains by a little river. it was very peaceful and serene (if noone was fighting or having seizures). we were aloud to smoke outside under the "tent" and we had alot of spare time in between groups and in the evening. the entire staff helpful and caring.
Fred: This was positive because there are so many activities to do there.

Do you feel the program was successful?
Sarah: well, that depends on your level of success. i know for a fact that i did relapse because i need my meds and they are prescribed legally and i am not technically clean now, but i learned alot about myself, and i will never let my habit get carried away again. been there, done that.
Fred: Not for me.i wasnt ready to change.

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
Sarah: Go there if you do not want to be stuck in the same building for thirty days with no smoking aloud and no permission to go outside. it is beautiful there from mid-spring up to when the leaves change color but since its in the mountains the winter can get tricky. make sure that you enjoy walking and have good walking shoes because we do alot of it. ladies, you are blessed with the biggest hill ever to walk up and down at least ten times a day. casual/sporty attire. walking/hiking shoes and flip flops or something for the shower. they do a mean search of your stuff when you get there and confiscate a ton of stuff. if you want to be smart bring rollies and a bag of tobacco because at some point everyone runs out and then they are willing to pay you ten bucks or more for a pack of smokes. bring money you will need it. thats it for the most part. good luck.
Fred: Keep an open mind.some people will truly help you if you let them.the staff there are commited to your recovery.they usually only have people in active recovery working with intakes.