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Jordan's Crossing for Women

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | See other Oklahoma rehab reviews

301 W I 240 Service Rd
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73139

Interviews from Angie, Debb
Why did you choose this facility?
Angie: i was court ordered to go there for 6 months on drug accounts i had 13 felonies. since all being drug related i was put there but luckily for me i got to keep all of my kids with me except for the one thats over 12, if their over 12 they cant even visit.
Debbie: i was finally ready to get help

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
Angie: in the beginning it was horrible, i was ripped away from my family, everything was jus goin good for us to, we were gettin a nice house but i messed up got out then got put back in on another charge, it was really hard to be away from my husband and daughter, entire family. i felt i had lost the connection i had had with my daughter and husband as well, but it slowly turned positive as i became more in tune with my younger kids, i got more into god and i am very thnkful for what i have now, i was doing really good but one thing they always say in there is "once an addict, always an addict"
Debbie: it was both

Do you feel the program was successful?
Angie: yes i do, but when the people you love most are around the problems and things that put you there you really cant get away from it, i am back in the county waiting til the 21st for my trial. pray for me.
Debbie: i have been a meth user for 28 yrs and im only 40, in and out of rehabs and i have been clean since i left there and its almost 6 years!!!

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
Angie: when i left i was the leader, if some newbies were slackin i would have to be the one to whip'em into shape, alot of women there looked up to me, it would really downset alot of people to know im back in jail
Debbie: dont leave just because its too hard to accept responsibilities of your using and i stayed 5 months on my own, not court ordered and i thank that rehab everyday