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Kitsap Recovery Center

Bremerton, Washington | See other Washington rehab reviews

1975 Fuson Road
Bremerton, Washington 98311

Kitsap Recovery Center (KRC) is a state-sponsored treatment program that offers inpatient rehab services and detox.

Interviews from Jessie, netta, Heidi, Ad
Why did you choose this facility?
Jessie: Location- I live in Kitsap County
netta: I chose this facility, because I had been there before & knew that it can help. I first got clean back in 1995 and was able to stay clean for about a year. Then after a relapse my children were taken away from me, so I knew that I needed to get clean again not only for them, but for myself also.
Heidi: parenting plan court order
Adri: Court order

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
Jessie: For me, KRC was a place to get all the crap out of my system so I could attend AA with a clear head when i got out. KRC is a no frills, structured environment that allows for little leniency when it comes to the rules and regulations. I learned a lot, but was so mentally exhausted by the time I was ready for rehab, I doubt I retained 1/4 of what was presented.
netta: It was a very positive experience. I was able to learn more about my addiction this time because I was doing it for myself, where as the first time I was doing it to keep my butt out of jail.
Heidi: its hard. u wake up at 6 every morning and start ur frist group at 8. u have 9 groups a day. and on top of that u have about 48 homework ass. that u have to finish by the time u complette treatment. if u talk to the other sex u will be discharge. they dont play around. if ur there for men ur out. they have a very high expentaion for there rules to be followed and if u cant you could even get kicked out in the middle of a class. kitsap recovery center changed my life for the good!
Adri: Although i did not personally choose to Put myself into this Rehab center (I believed i did not have a serious problem at the time) it was a life changing experience That had a positive impact on my life. Needless to say it saved my life and was the result of a new life

Do you feel the program was successful?
Jessie: I tend to call treatment facilities "Head Start." It's a great concept for those who need to be removed from their home environment in order to stay sober for a period of time, but unless you are WILLING to jump right into a 12 step program and work it with all you've got, it's just another way to appease the judge and kill a few weeks' time.
netta: Yes I do. I have been clean 10 years now, and have no desire to go back to that lifestyle.
Heidi: very. they have a wall of all the people who have died or went to prison and have been there. if that dont hit you many when they stand everyone up and sit them down tell three people are standing and tell you two will never use again and one of you will die in a room full of 40 people dont hit you them your addict you is very deep in your last stage of recovery
Adri: Although the center did undeniably change my life,it did not change my one worst 'character flaw' into the addict inside me and letting the addict behavior take over causing a regretful relapse. Fortunately, i did pay close attention to what was being taught and drilled into this brain of mine and i used the 'tools' given to me from K. R. C. making the end result a sober me!

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
Jessie: Expect to be called on your shit. Don't think that anyone who works there has never met someone like you, hasn't heard your story before. Just because you are important to them doesn't mean you are unique. Don't argue, do what's suggested and stop trying to convince everyone (including yourself) you don't have a problem! If you're in rehab, chances are you're an addict/alcoholic. Bring lots of smokes, comfy clothes, and your favorite pillow. Leave the drd=ama at home.
netta: This is a good facility. The people there are very supportive & want to help you help yourself.
Heidi: get ready to work your ass off. you get what you put into it. some people are not redy and some are. im not here to ask that but one thing you are the baddest of the baddest the only ones who are above you are the ones died or in prison. keep using and you will end that way i promise
Adri: If your not serious about getting clean and or sober and feel as if your being forced to go because of court or family but does not plan on becoming free of drugs i do not recommend this Rehab Center for you due to the very strict and enforced rules that would be hard for an addict who does not desire to be sober to follow.