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Northwest Indian Treatment Center

Elma, Washington | See other Washington rehab reviews

308 East Young Street
Elma, Washington 98541

Interview from Rach
Why did you choose this facility?
Rachel: because it was a native american treatment center.. it is also the first in the nation to have a fallow up team that fallows you for a year.. the have weekly contact with you and helps you with whatever your facing or may need..

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
Rachel: my experience at treatment was life chamging i loved it.. they dig to the root of your addiction, they just dont treat the addiction they also treat what caused it.. i had no negative experience there..

Do you feel the program was successful?
Rachel: it was very helpful to me it helped save my life and the relationship with my loved ones..

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
Rachel: go!! you get out of it what you put into it.. if you want it you will get it..