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Pioneer Center North

Sedro Woolley, Washington | See other Washington rehab reviews

24961 Thompson Drive
Sedro Woolley, Washington 98284

Interviews from BK, S
Why did you choose this facility?
BK: Court Order
Sad: court order/self

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
BK: Both
Sad: totally negative, just a dry out spot, they let inmates do whatever they want as long as no physical violence, i mean anything else

Do you feel the program was successful?
BK: Temporarily yes, if combined with follow up in AA or NA it could be long term success.. In my case no, that being I was a long term addict/alcoholic...although I did stay clean for 18 months following inpatient, it was my fault not the facilities for my relapse... They provide everything necessary to clean up, dry out, and maintain sobriety while there, but upon leaving there is no follow up, we are on our own...
Sad: NO

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
BK: Be serious about changing your life and negative patterns, everything else will fall into place if you allow it to..
Sad: iF YOU WANT TO PLAY go there if you really want help go some place else, meet court requirements and play go there.