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Ridgeview Ranch Pasadena

Altadena, California | See other California rehab reviews

3085 Ridgeview Drive
Altadena, California 91001-4527

Ridgeview Ranch is an inpatient rehab treatment facility offering drug and alcohol addiction treatments. The facility offers a pool and horseback riding. They specialize in treating alcoholism, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, meth addiction and oxycontin rehabilitation.

Interviews from Maria, Jan, M. Jacky, Jennifer, Chris H, Sus
Why did you choose this facility?
Maria: Referred by Dr. Keith Valone.
Jan: A friend found it while researching places for me over the internet, she made a few calls to other friends to ask about Ridgeview Ranch and was told it was a good place to go to.
M. Jacky: I chose Ridgeview Ranch as I heard about it from previous clients as well as from reviews of people who were happy with their substance abuse treatment and therapy programs, professionalism, services and facility.
Jennifer: My mom actually found Ridgeview by searching online. I saw their website and read what they offered and it was place that I ultimately wanted to try. It looked like a really nice place.
Chris H: My family and I were given a very positive recommendation from a former patient.
Susan: Close to home initially the first time. On my second admission, I had be impressed and pleased with the Counselors and Staff. I like the smallness of the groups. This provided very personalized therapy sessions, which is what I needed in treatment.

Tell us about the experience - was it positive or negative?
Maria: Almost completely negative. First, they claim to offer multiple services that they in fact do not offer including group therapy, one on one therapy, and few AA or NA meetings if any. This is a scam program; they are new and they are built around the referrals of a view select doctors who in turn reap financial benefits for every patient and vice versa. The staff do not interact with the clients and are generally handling unrelated business in a separate office area in which clients are not allowed. The staff are not courteous, they are not helpful, and they are not caring. This program consists of a large house in a terrible neighborhood (it is in the ghetto of pasadena/altadena). There is "elective" services (pay extra and you can see a psychologist off-site) but there is essentially no program. I spent my time sitting in a house with two other clients not doing anything, generally sleeping all day. I can't reiterate enough the lack of compassion and caring shown by the staff here. It is a money oriented place (like most rehabs) but here they don't offer anything for the money. I feel scammed by this expensive, fraudulent facility and I hope that no one else needing treatment wastes their time or money at Ridgeview Ranch. I had a very negative experience in all aspects in this program.
Jan: My experience was good, I felt like I was with family, never isolated or lonely. At times a bit challenged, but that is what is needed in order to completely grow and make the changes needed to recover. The environment is incredible,peaceful with great outdoors activities, hiking, yoga, etc. The food was great also! Just another plus..
M. Jacky: Ridgeview Ranch helped me to reclaim my life. It was most definitely a positive experience and I'm grateful for their help and support during this difficult time in my life. The staff was friendly and eager to address my needs, the facilities, treatment plans and therapies were phenomenal. I highly recommend this residential treatment facility if you're looking to heal and become healthy again from substance abuse.
Jennifer: I had a very positive experience at Ridgeview. When I first arrived there, I was immediately greeted by the Program Director who expressed that I was in good hands at the facility. The staff was nice and kind to me. They helped me get settled into my room. Because of Ridgeview Ranch, (and of course my willingness to become sober) I am now 2 years sober. Before I walked through those doors, I was a complete mess. I had no hope and I didn't even think it was possible to be sober. Working with excellent counselors, a light bulb clicked in my head. Counselors Micheal, Kathleen, and Charles were simply amazing, they helped me so much. The only negative part about being there was sharing my room with this girl who was also in treatment and just a complete messy, jerk. But you can't control people, only yourself. The food was great and prepared by a really sweet chef. I remember everyday was full of activities (they provide you with a treatment weekly schedule). I never felt bored, if anything I needed a longer break in between each activity. I'm just so thankful to them for everything.
Chris H: The time I spent at Ridgeview Ranch was very positive. The staff was professional and caring. The counselors were insightful, understanding and extremely supportive. I am grateful for my experience and feel lucky that I found myself in treatment at Ridgeview.
Susan: Very positive as outlined above.

Do you feel the program was successful?
Maria: No, absolutely not. I feel let down and lied to.
Jan: Yes! I will be getting my 2 year chip this summer, and that would not have been possible without my stay at Ridgeview Ranch and the support of the staff
M. Jacky: The program was successful and helped turn my life around to once again be a productive and a healhly person for myself and family.
Jennifer: Yes, I stayed there for 60 days instead of the normal 30 days because they knew (and I knew) that I wasn't quite ready and it was worth it. I'm 2 years sober and I really give them the credit.
Chris H: To this point the program and treatment at Ridgeview has been very successful. I have been well cared for, and received the type of treatment and therapy that I desperately needed. I feel like I have been given tools for a truly successful recovery.
Susan: Very successful.

What advice would you give somebody considering going to this facility?
Maria: Consider the many other superior programs around Southern California (many of which cost far less and indeed provide far more services).
Jan: Go, be good to yourself and go, get the help you need.
M. Jacky: If you're looking for a facility that is 100% committed to helping people who struggle with substance abuse, that are patient and caring, and whose goal is to see you reclaim your life, this is the facility to consider. I'm so very grateful and thankful for my new beginning thanks to Ridgeview Ranch.
Jennifer: I would say to try the facility out for yourself and dont pay mind to what others say. Everyone will have a different experience based on what they are truly there for. Its not a resort. Its treatment. They helped me, and my sobriety is proof.
Chris H: I would suggest Ridgeview Ranch to anyone in need of a drug and alcohol treatment facility. The caring staff, and experienced counselors have been truly amazing. This is a place where healing happens.
Susan: I would highly recommend this facility. I had been to other facilities in the Pasadena area, but this was my best experience in a rehab center.